Workshops, Research, Global Meditations, Retreats and more. Here is a list of all the upcoming events.

If you do not know where to start from, try this free program. Learn how to make that first step and how to move on.

You are not alone on the path of development, change and overcoming old patterns. Leave your experiences or read other people’s – let them be an inspiration.

Resulting from Petra’s many years of experience, these workshops contain all the necessary techniques and tools that you can learn and use on your journey of knowledge, creation and life.

Do something today, for which your future you will thank you for.

New groups of the School of Personal Change start on September 5th and October 1st 2019!

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If you want to dive into yourself and find out who you really are, find your answers and start living a life that you want - you are at the right place.
My work - and now my life - are devoted to help people heal, get the answers they need, make the necessary changes and live up to their full potential.
Being on this path of changing into a better me myself, I have been guided by my intuition, my inner voice, every time challenges, doubts and questions emerged before me. It is difficult to summarize in few sentences all that has led me to where I am today, yet for all these experiences I am grateful. They brought me exactly where I should be.
I wish the same for you. Allow me to support you on your journey, whether you have been on it for a while or have just started walking.
I look forward to growing up with you!

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