Do we really care when we carry?

Many clients come to me tired, depressed and worn out.

When we start exploring deeper we often find that they are so tired because of taking on other people’s burden.

In some situations circumstances are really challenging as they are taking care of their family members, relatives and close friends who really are in need. Although it is a very broad topic and even in those situations there is always a way out – it does take quite an effort to raise your energy and open to new ways and solutions.


Yet there are many…too many situations…in which people carry other people and they are not even aware of it.

And there is a big difference between carrying someone and caring for someone. Too often we carry other people’s burden. Because we love them. Because we want them well. Because we want them to be happy. Because…Because… Because… When we love someone we will find endless reasons. But – by carrying it we don’t help them.

The change starts when we realize the difference – and start to CARE for them. When we stand next to them when they make their first steps on their new path. That way we allow them to grow. That way we allow them to become powerful. That way we allow them to become strong. That way we allow them to trust themselves and life.

Too often we carry other people's burden.

So, don’t carry. CARE instead.

Care for them, care for yourself. If you don’t take good care of yourself soon you won’t be able to take care of anyone. Soon, you might be one of those people that come to me asking for help. And often…too often…it happens when they are so worn out that they don’t have any strength left to live or enjoy life.

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