Are you craving for love?

Do you feel lonely deep inside? Keep on longing for that special someone to fulfill your dreams and your heart? Are you disappointed and heart-broken all over again?

The truth is – unless we truly, unconditionally love ourselves and feel worthy of love we can’t be in a happy, loving relationship. We can’t even attract it, not to mention maintain it.

The path to any loving relationship starts with building one with ourselves. Often we want love so much but keep our hearts closed so we wouldn’t get hurt again.

First know that all love we will ever need lies inside us. Then know that in order to be loved from outside we have to love ourselves unconditionally – inside. And then know that in order to receive love we need to be willing to open our hearts first.

And when you are in a relationship, how mature are you? Do you bring your past with you into the new relationship or you give yourself time to heal? Can you be at ease when you are in a relationship? Or are you always looking for some kind of approval and confirmation that you are worthy of love? Is even the slightest absence of attention or change in your partner’s mood equal to disaster? Are you looking for (proofs of) love outside of you?

All of us carry some wounded parts. Some of us from our childhood, some from past relationships, some from past lives. It is okay not to be perfect. We are all perfect in our imperfection.

Start loving yourself and be grateful for what you have today. Everything good starts from there.

As long as we thrive to learn from our mistakes and grow, heal and become greater versions of ourselves knowing that WE ARE ALL WORTHY OF LOVE AND LOVED just the way we are…we are fine. The moment we start to LOVE OURSELVES NO MATTER WHAT the MAGIC BEGINS. WE START TO LIVE LOVE AND THERE IS NO NEED TO SEEK FOR IT OUTSIDE.

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